Washburn Deep Forest Ebony Dreadnaught



Manufacturer Info:

Its dark, classy and simple elegance gets your attention, but playing the Washburn Deep Forest Ebony D is what will earn your fervor. The tone is deep with a rich, full voice. The action and neck are designed for modern comfort. It transitions flawlessly from strumming to fingerstyle and its deep lows give it a sonic presence that you will not forget.

Striped Ebony is prized as a tonewood for it's deep and strong bass and lower mids, while still providing clear highs and slightly scooped mid ranges similar to rosewood. The Okoume back and sides keep the tones more toward the warmer side.

The Traditional Dreadnought Body on the Ebony D provides a deep, fully voiced, balanced tonal response. The modern neck profile of the Ebony D is ultra comfortable and a great fit for any style of playing.


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