Guitar and Amplifier Repairs

We service guitars and basses, electric and acoustic, 4, 6, 12 strings and beyond. We do all of your setup and wiring requirements in house, and we do a great job. We service amplifiers, pedals and almost anything musical through which electricity flows. Our tech department is well versed in tube, solid state, quiet, loud, new and old.

We also work closely with luthiers and specialized technicians across the GTA, so we’ll take on almost any job. Please see pricing below and get in touch to discuss your ideas in more detail.

Service Department Policies

Jobs will often require thorough assessment by our technicians to properly verify work required. Initial quotes are estimates only, but additional charged work will not be performed without customer approval.

Some jobs are performed at Cask premises, while others are performed offsite, affecting turnaround time. We will endeavour to provide an accurate estimate of wait time, but this can vary.

As space in our store is extremely limited, service orders not collected within a week will incur a storage fee of $10/week for instruments and $20/week for amplifiers, unless prior arrangements have been made.


Services Offered

These are estimates. Please call or visit to discuss your job.


Instrument Repair:

Re-string (most guitars)
$15 + strings*
Re-string (nylon/classical guitars)
$20 + strings*
Setup - Acoustic, Electric, Bass Guitar (Re-string, truss rod adjustment, intonation, check all hardware, cleaning/conditioning. Does not include electronics work or fret work)
$60 + strings
Setup - Fully floating tremolo, 12-string guitars, 6+ string Bass Guitar
$70 + strings
Machine Head Installation 
(Includes re-string. Additional fees for drilling / reaming if required)
starts at $30
Machine Head Restoration (disassembly, degrease, check/tighten gears, lubricate)
Nut Installation 
(Setup required but not included)
Fret Dress (leveling, crowning, polishing) (Includes setup)
Neck Heat Press
starts at $45**
Acoustic Bridge Reset 
(Often requires bracing repair at $30/each)
starting at $140

Re-fretting (Prices listed are minimum due to several variables)

$325 (rosewood boards)

$375 (bound rosewood boards)

$400-450 (maple/ebony boards)


*We do not guarantee playability with re-string jobs. A setup is required to improve the guitar's action, intonation, etc.

**The heat press technique is not always completely effective. It can make a big difference, but in some cases will be unsuccessful.


Instrument Electronics repair:

Pickup Install (Electric Guitar)
$35 for one, $60 for two, $80 for three.
Pickup Install (Acoustic Guitar) starts at $40 (Soundhole or undersaddle + endpin jack install)
Pickup Rewind
starts at $55
Miscellaneous electronics work (Solid body)
$50/hr ($25 minimum)
Miscellaneous electronics work (Hollow body)
$70/hr ($35 minimum)


Electronics repair: 

Amplifier Minimum Bench Rate
 Effects Pedal Minimum Bench Rate  $30***


***Covers diagnosis and first 'job'/hour of work. Additional labour will be quoted if required. Does not include parts. Significant parts will be quoted if required. Some devices fall somewhere between 'Amplifier' and 'Effects Pedal' and will be quoted on a per-job basis.