Vox AC30C2X 2x12 Tube Combo Used


Very cool! The AC30C2X replaced the AC30CC2X in January 2010. It offered a number of significant changes from the AC-30CC2X.

The AC-30C2X is a true two channel amp. Each channel has two inputs. The first channel incorporates the preamp circuitry from the original AC-30 'Normal' amp while the second channel featured the Vox AC-30 'Top Boost' circuit. Three ECC83 tubes power the preamp. Line out and effects loop jacks were mounted in the upper rear panel.

The AC30C2X also has tremolo and a spring based reverb. The GZ34 rectifier tube was dropped from the AC30C2 amp in favour of diode rectification. This was the first time since the early 1990's that the AC-30 did not have a GZ-34 tube rectifier.

Two Vox/Celestion Alnico Blue speakers are mounted in the open backed enclosure. Jacks for extension speakers, along with an impedance selector switch can be found on the upper back panel.

This one is in great condition with only minor cosmetic wear. It's working perfectly.


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