Squier Super Sonic Vista Series 1996-1997 Used


A joy to behold. This is a '96-97 Squier Japanese 'Vista Series' Super-Sonic from Steve's personal collection. The perfect blend of glam, punk and trash. These reverse offset, reverse headstock Japanese instruments were made for only three years in Japan in the mid 90s, discontinued and not reissued again until several Fender and Squier reissue models starting in 2013. This is of course one of the increasingly rare first editions. Basswood body, super-thin maple neck and rosewood fingerboard with two humbuckers and a Strat-style whammy.

A previous owner had destroyed the pickguard to accommodate some mods, but it has been restored with a perfect repro pickguard, the original bridge pickup, an unknown neck pickup, CTS pots and cloth wiring. Fully set up in-house and playing really well. There is plenty of wear in terms of cracking in the clear coat, which we were able to partially capture in photos, but no deep dings, gouges or other significant damage.

These models are more and more rare. Sad to see this one go.

No original case.


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