Roland GR-700 Guitar Synthesizer Used

$499 $600

Very cool! This is a beast! The GR-700 is designed to work with the G-707 synth guitar controller, connected via a 24-pin cable. is a six voice polyphonic with two DCO's per voice which means analog oscillators and sounds with digital stability and control. The typical assortment of a resonant lowpass filter, ADSR envelope, LFO and oscillator sections are here with easy and straight-forward programming. Can be interfaced with the PG-200 unit (not included).

Includes paper manual.

**We can only test the power function of this unit as we have neither the original controller guitar or required cable. It does power up, switching between patches appears to work reliably and all buttons and switches appear to function. The power cord is not included, but is generic and can be found easily (example). It may need its controls cleaned or a checkup from sitting, but the previous owner believes it is fully functional!

**This unit is sold as-is**

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