Mesa Dual Rectifier Tube Head and 4x12 Slant Cabinet Used

$2,749 $2,999

High powered half stack! This is a Mesa Dual Rectifier 100w 3-channel high gain head with a ton of versatility, especially in the realms of metal and the like, while still supplying reliable clean tones and everything in between. 

Switchable 100/50w output, 4-band EQ per channel, switchable voicings per channel (raw/modern and clean/pushed), powerful FX loop functionality assignable to each channel individually. Further voicing controls on the rear. Separate outputs to accommodate 4/8/16 ohm speaker cabinets.

Includes original footswitch and cable, original manual and a soft cover for the cabinet (not pictured).

In excellent cosmetic condition with only light general wear and a couple of scuffs on the rear of the cabinet as pictured. Working well.

Price is for both head and cab.


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