Lace Blue-Silver-Red Pickup Set


Used, good condition with some light wear. Includes original packaging. Plenty of lead on the pickups.



Manufacturer Info:

The Red Sensor has the hottest output in the Sensor Series. Perfect for the bridge position when fat, punchy humbucking output is required. The Sensor Silver in the middle will produce a fat 70's single-coil sound with increased output and more midrange. Finally the Blue Sensor in the neck position has slightly increased output with a warmer 50's humbucking sound in a single-coil configuration. 

Lace Sensor Red
Position: Bridge
Resistance: 14.5k
Peak Frequency: 1850
Inductance: 8.12 henries

Lace Sensor Silver
Position: Middle
Resistance: 7.1k
Peak Frequency: 3000
Inductance: 3.38 henries

Lace Sensor Blue
Position: Neck
Resistance: 12.8k
Peak Frequency: 2100
Inductance: 6.58 henries

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