Ibanez HD1500 Harmonics/Delay Used


Ibanez 1U rack unit with a ton of fun delay/pitch shifting/modulation capabilities. Wet/dry outputs and a handy feedback loop. In good condition with some light wear. Tested working well.

More details stolen from another listing:

"The Ibanez HD1500, like many units with average digital specs (by today's standards) offers some great warm tones. The Ibanez HD range is diverse and each unit has its advantages and disadvantages. The 1500 produces a great polyphonic pitch shift (and not harmonizing despite their name). In fact, the effect is much clearer and stable than that of a Digitech Whammy, and the detuning amount can theoretically be controlled by a pedal.

The HD1500 also feature an effects loop placed in its feedback path. This means that one can add modulation to the delayed or pitch shifted sounds, or whatever special effect you can think of (overdrive, treble cut or emphasis, reverb, another pitch shifter, etc...). This unit can be as wild as you want it to be! Low delay time settings can give some really great flanging tones."

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