HAZ Mu-Tron III+


HAZ Mutron reissue. Stunning clone of the original envelope controlled filter.

- Power: On-off switch.
- Low Battery/Sweep Limit Indicator: monitors the batteries' condition and aids in setting the depth control.
- Range switch: emphasizes high or low frequencies.
- Drive switch: shifts the filter up or down for two totally different effects.
- Mode switch: high-pass, band-pass, low-pass or notch filter characteristics, for accentuating different regions of audio band, allowing four distinct tonal images.
- Depth control: a sensitivity control for optimum operation from any musical source.
- Peak control: for varying filter "sharpness" from a subtle accentuation through a distinct vowel sound to high resolution filtering that "plays" individual overtones.
- Bypass footswitch: a true, passive bypass switch for routing the audio signal around the effect.

Mint used condition



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