Goodrich L120 Low Profile Passive Volume Pedal Used


Manufacturer Info:

Our 120 volume pedals are the workhorse of the music industry, legendary for performance, quality and longevity. Very low frequency loss, extremely quiet operation, and no harmonic distortion make this an ideal pedal for any instrument. The L-120 has a lower profile that the H-120 making it a little more comfortable for taller musicians but not always, It’s profile is actually 5/8″ of an in lower than our H-120. It works great on a pedal board that has a bit of a rake to it and slants up in the back. We find it a bit morse comfortable on the guitarists pedal boards because of it’s profile.

This volume pedal also has the all new “tensioning axle”. Therefore,  that means you can adjust the feel and resistance taper of that actual up and down motion of the pedal. This is a very handy adjustment because many players like is stiff or really loose. Using a 4mm Allen wrench, you can adjust the feel of your taper, making it just the way you need to feel it under your foot. Click out the following link. Check out our video describing the new Tensioning Axle.


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