Function FX

Function F(x) Third Rail Dual Overdrive Used


The Third Rail consists of two NPN transistor-powered circuits. Each has a Clip selector switch for choosing between Schottky diodes, a silicon diode, or if you like, no diodes. The diodes (or lack thereof) determine the amount of clipping, compression and overall output of the circuit. The far left position of the Clip control provides the most clipping and compression. The tones get louder, cleaner, and more open and uncompressed as you move to the right.

While each side of the pedal has controls for Volume, Gain, Tone, and Clip, the right side has a control for Cut and the left has one for Gain. The Cut control reduces the amount of low-end that is fed into the circuit. As a result, it helps to keep tones from getting mushy (especially when stacking both sides). It’s also great for matching the Third Rail to various pickup configurations and amp types.

Near mint used condition with velcro. Includes original box.


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