Fender Music Master Combo 1970 Used

$1,099 $1,300

Vintage 1970 Fender Music Master Bass Amp in excellent condition! 1970 was the premier year for this great little CBS Fender amp. This is a rare early variant of the amp circuit with a pair of 6AQ5A tubes in the power section, unlike the more common 6V6 models. Like the legendary Bassman Amp, this is a premium guitar amp by today's standards! Original speaker upgraded to a superb sounding Weber 50w 12F150 speaker. This amp is currently outfitted with 6HG5 power tubes, which are a suitable substitute for the stock 6AQ5A. The amp is very quiet at idle! In great cosmetic condition for its 50+ years of life. These are much harder to find than the more common 6V6 versions, and more collectible.


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