Fender MIJ Squier Series Stratocaster with Mods Used


A very cool early-mid-80s Japanese Fender. This is an uncommon sub-category of the now-prestigious JV series stratocasters, the 'Squier Series' which were made in Matsumoto, Nagano, for the purpose of export to Europe. This model has an unbelievable ornate flame top and a nice fast neck. It also has a few mods. The bridge pickup is a Dimarzio humbucker, the neck and middle pickups have been wired for an out of phase sound. Most notably, a Demeter mid-boost active circuit has been installed with the battery under the jack plate (which has been flipped). Sperzel locking tuners installed.

The guitar has been set up and has a fresh fret dress. There are some light pits remaining but no catching or buzz, and plenty of fret life remaining to be decked further if and when required.

Moderate wear throughout, but no significant dings or scars. Brilliant player. Includes hardshell case.

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