Eko 995 Violin Bass 1960s Used


Beautiful late 60s Italian-made Eko 995 'Violin' bass. I cannot stress how great this sounds unplugged. Wonderfully loud, woody and resonant tone with the flatwounds. Appears to be spruce top and birdseye! maple back and sides. Fully hollow, 2x original single coil pickups with volume and tone, floating bridge + tailpiece assembly. Bakelite thumb rest! All hardware appears to be original.

Can't believe I forgot to mention that brilliant headstock.

Generally good condition, there are some cracks in the top shown in the pictures. Most are in the lacquer only, but a couple are deeper, in the top (bottom of the soundhole for example). These are nonetheless ancient cracks and are stable and show no signs of further deterioration.

Amazing instrument.


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