Duesenberg Starplayer TV DLX


Unreal Duesenberg Starplayer TV DLX with a semi-hollow, yet robust and roadworthy construction delivering outstanding tone, incredibly good pickups and our renowned Radiator Vibrato unit.

Features double bound F-Holes, Diamond fretboard inlays, a floating transparent pickguard, a new custom D-Tron pickup for the neck position, Grandvintage bridge humbucker and an ingenious way to customize your tone via the Vario-Tone controls located by the pickup switch. The Vario-Tone allows you to filter mid-frequencies out of each humbuckers' signal while also performing a nuanced coil-split. A noticeable middle-stop in the pots travel seperates the Vario-Tone control from the regular tone-blend.

Maple neck, laminate spruce top and flame maple back. Sturdy and stable Radiator Vibrola tremolo system and Duesenberg Z-Tuners. Nickel hardware throughout. Plek frets from the factory with perfect setup.

This is in like-new condition with original Duesenberg case.


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