Ace Tone

Custom Ace Tone FR-1 Rhythm Ace Drum Machine / Amplifier Head Used


This is actually so good. This custom padded box is a portable drum machine amplifier. The bottom half is a fully functional Rhythm Ace FR-1 drum machine with 16x patterns, and cymbal/clav/cowbell/bass drum defeat switches.

The FR1 is internally wired directly into an unknown brand 'Solid State Mark 150' 35 watt 2-channel amplifier with squelchy spring reverb. tremolo and fuzz. You can also manually route the amp into the second channel to make use of all the effects, or add your own effects into the front of the amp, or route it directly out and bypass the amplifier.

This setup is silly as hell but sounds great and is a lot of fun. I lent this to my friend Jason to record something and he did not return it for a very long time.


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