Catalinbread Pareidolia Harmonic Mesmerizer Tremolo Used


The 'Harmonic Mesmerizer' is a fantastic descriptor for a harmonic tremolo. Very rich tone from this one, with controls for depth, rate and volume. Works between 9-18v, and you can hear a difference.

Excellent cosmetic condition with velcro.

Manufacturer Info:

Your guitar signal is split into two. One feeding a gain stage filtered to pass highs and the other filtered to pass lows. These stages are tuned to share some common frequencies in the middle so when it modulates they have a nice swirly soup in the midrange. The amplitude (via bias) of each stage is modulated by a sinewave out of phase with the other. The result of this is as one stage’s volume is going down the other is going up. The fact that it is modulated by bias means the phase of each stage is modulated ever so slightly. The interaction of this slight phase shift on the shared midrange frequencies results in some interesting subtle frequency canceling while the amplitude goes up and down.


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