Beyerdynamic MC930 Small Diaphragm Condenser Pair


Beyerdynamic pair of very premium MC930 cardioid small condenser microphones, in totally mint condition with original carry case, shock mounts and wind screens.


Manufacturer Info:

The MC 930 can undoubtedly be called a universal talent. Handmade at the company headquarters in Heilbronn, Germany, this true condenser microphone naturally captures a wide range of sound sources. Outstanding technical features, a clever design including switchable pre-attenuation and a switchable low-cut filter make the MC 930 a flexible companion in the studio and live on stage.

The MC 930 small diaphragm true condenser microphone combines versatility and sound quality in equal measure. The largely linear frequency response ensures natural sound recording. Whether for acoustic guitars, piano, hi-hats, overhead, choirs, orchestras, vocals or solo instruments of all kinds – the MC 930 is a great choice for almost every sound source.


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