SSL SiX Channel Strip Module Used


SSL 500-Series channel strip modules. In like-new condition.

*We had 4x available at the time of initial listing. As of 10/1 there are THREE remaining. Listed price is per unit. Please contact us if you would like to take all of them for a price break.*


Manufacturer Info:

SiX Channel Strip (SiX CH) is a single-width 500 Series channel strip using the SuperAnalogue channel processing features from SSL’s SiX console including the Mic-pre, low and high frequency EQ, as well as the single knob compressor.

  • SSL SuperAnalogueTM  mic pre
  • +48V phantom power
  • Phase invert switch
  • 5 segment LED meter in dBu
  • Switched 12 dB/oct, 75 Hz High Pass Filter (HPF)
  • Classic SSL HF and LF EQ
  • Switch from shelf to bell curve
  • Single knob Channel Compressor with variable Threshold.
  • Front Panel TRS Line Input with 1MΩ Hi-Z switch.
  • Dedicated output Trim

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