Gibson Victory Bass Standard Used


Too cool. 

The Gibson Victory Bass Standard was introduced in the 1981 shortly after the Multi-Voice series guitars. Mahogany body with bolt-on 3-piece maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. The bass is equipped with the unique VIIB humbucking pickup which can be switched from series to parallel, along with the first use of the Gibson TRI-4 Wedge bridge. Although designed in Kalamazoo, thee Victory bass series were the first Gibson basses to be produced in Nashville.

The design of the Gibson Victory Standard is unique and unconventional, with a distinctive asymmetrical body shape, offset cutaways and sharp angles. Despite its unusual appearance, the Gibson Victory Standard Bass has gained a following among bass players as  a well-crafted and reliable player and collector's item.

Ours is playing very nicely with black tapewound strings. It has no significant wear, but the vintage laquer checking looks amazing!


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