Fender Elite Stratocaster 1983 Used


Stunning and rare 1983 Made in USA Fender Elite series Stratocaster with some wonderful upgrades! This 1983-84 series featured a short-lived 'knife edge' Freeflyte trem, which is installed in the front with no back panel for trem springs as is conventional. Rather than a 5-position blade switch, we have individual push buttons per pickup, which allow for all combinations. Unusual small back panel gives access to the output jack.

In terms of upgrades, the original Elite pickups have been changed for high quality Bill Lawrence Ultrasonic SSS pickups which sound fantastic. The output jack has been upgraded to a neutrik locking jack. Most significantly, yet not immediately apparent, is that the original maple fingerboard has been removed entirely, and professionally replaced with an Ebony fingerboard, refretted immaculately. This job was performed by Toronto's David Wren, who is a renowned luthier.

The instrument is playing very well with great action and a comfortable neck. The guitar is in incredible condition given that it's entering its 41st year.


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