Fender 1997 Stratocaster USA Used


This is an interesting one. USA black Stratocaster with maple fingerboard, serial number dates it to 97-98. This model has a very rare Mini Floyd Rose bridge with a standard nut, a single-locking setup. These bridges were most commonly used in the early to mid 90s for the Strat Plus series (which this is not), but could also be found around 1998  on the American Deluxe Series including the HSS 'Fat Strat' (which this is also not). The date of this model lines up, but we were unable to find an example of a SSS Stratocaster which came stock with this bridge. It may just have been an added modification to a Stratocaster Standard.

This guitar is setup nicely and is in excellent condition for ~25 years old. Very light scratches on the top near the pickguard and a few other very small finish imperfections. Only minor pitting on a few frets and playability is great.

Includes Fender molded hardshell case.


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