Boss SE-50 Stereo Effects Processor Used


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The SE-50 is a multi effects unit. It was released 1990 and was in production until the SE-70 was released 1993. The unit is equippped with a 16 bit DA/AD converter and uses a sampling frequency of 32kHz or 48kHz depending upon the chosen effect. The SE-50 has both stereo in and out, is fully MIDI compatible and its 100 user presets can be stored externally using the MIDI interface.

The SE-50 has 28 built-in algorithms. Several of the 28 algorithms are single effect algorithms so thought it may sound like the SE-50 can combine effects in many ways, this isn’t absolutely true. Guitar players may be interested to know that the only algorithm capable of producing distortion is Guitar Multi and the only settings for the overdrive/distortion is level/drive and turbo on/off. The unit is very much focused on reverb where 9 of the 28 algorithms are reverb only algorithms.

There are 128 presets. Preset 101-128 cannot be overwritten as they demonstrate each of the 28 algorithms. Preset 1-100 are user programmable and by copying one of the 28 fixed presets into one of these locations a start position with the chosen algorithm is easily achieved.


In very good condition. Includes original box, manual and power supply.

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