Traynor YBA-200 Bass Head

Regular price $450

Traynor YBA-200 Bass amp in great condition! 200w of full tube with a 6550 power section. Very capable EQ section with sweepable mid, DI with pre/post EQ toggle, and mute switches.


Manufacturer Info:

  • 200 watts of all tube power, no semi conductors in the signal path
  • Four 6550WE power tubes, Two 12AX7A and One 12AU7 preamp tubes
  • Three band master EQ with unique Range control
  • Innovative new tone shaping features like Scoop and Resonance
  • Toroidal transformers reduces the weight to less than 41 pounds
  • 1/4" tuner output with mute switch
  • Pre/Post switchable XLR DI out with ground lift and 20db pad