SWR 750x Bass Amp Head

Regular price $550.00

750w into 4ohm. Hugely versatile preamp circuit with sweepable mid EQ, footswitchable overdrive, footswitchable subwave, limiter, passive/active inputs. Also features effects loop, pre/post patch points, active DI. Unit is rackmountable. In great shape!



Manufacturer Specs:

  • SubWave suboctave
  • Overdrive
  • Internal preamp with 12AX7 tube circuitry
  • 750W RMS into 4 ohms, 850W into 2.6 ohms, 425W at 8 ohms
  • Pre-master preamp out
  • Variable-mid EQ
  • Sidechain effects loop
  • Effects blend control
  • Adjustable limiter
  • XLR balanced out
  • Tuner send
  • Pull turbo
  • Pull transparency