Outlaw Quick Draw Delay

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Manufacturer Info:

The Quick Draw is an analog-voiced delay pedal the delivers crisp tone with warm repeats that dissolve naturally into your sound. With is broad range of delay time (from 20ms to 620ms), the quick draw can deliver everything from a tight rockabilly slap back sound to lengthy, ethereal repeats that build into self-oscillation for otherworldly-sounding effects. The Quick Draw maintains an organic distinction between the original note and its echoes, meaning you can fill a room with ambient sounds without having your guitar become lost in the mix. A subtle analog warble in the repeats gives the Quick Draw a hint of vintage tape-echo quality.

Delay Time (min-max) 20ms - 620ms Current Draw (9V DC) 42mA

Dimensions 95 (D) x 45 (W) x 48 (H) mm