Korg Minilogue Analog Synthesizer Used


The Korg Minilogue is a four-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer that offers a range of features for sound creation and performance. It features a 37-note slim keyboard, with velocity sensitivity and aftertouch, and 200 preset programs, including sounds ranging from classic analog tones to modern EDM and beyond.

The synth has two oscillators, each with wave shaping and sync functions, and a filter section with a switchable high-pass filter. There are also two envelope generators and an LFO, which can be assigned to various parameters, as well as a delay effect and an arpeggiator.

In addition to the onboard controls, the Minilogue also features a step sequencer and a motion sequencer, which allow for intricate pattern creation and real-time parameter automation. The synth can be controlled via MIDI, USB, or CV/Gate, and there is also an audio input for processing external signals. Overall, the Korg Minilogue is a versatile and powerful synth for both studio and live use.

In excellent cosmetic condition with no significant wear. Includes original adapter.


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