Ibanez Troubadour T30 Acoustic Guitar/Vocal Amp

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Ibanez Troubadour T30 acoustic guitar/vocal amp. 30w with per-channel EQ, chorus and reverb. Auxiliary input. Solid build and portable, with impressive volume and sound quality. 


Manufacturer Info:

Ibanez has redesigned their popular Troubadour series to give acoustic players more features, better sound and a great look! With 30 watts of power through an 8-inch coaxial speaker with tweeter, the T30II Troubadour is perfect for practice, small gigs, and on-stage monitoring for both guitar and vocals! The brown and tan color combo, sticks to the natural visuals of an acoustic instrument, with tone to match. A single 8 in coaxial driver and accompanying tweeter produces a smooth organic sound that will accurately reproduce the tone of an acoustic guitar when a performance calls for some moderate amplification.

Two fully independent channels equipped with dedicated two-band EQ and volume controls for each, make for an intuitive and serviceable platform. T30II also offers integrated digital reverb and chorus to take the performer’s tone to the next level. An auxiliary line in is a great tool for solo practice and jamming. A dedicate line out is also at the ready should the performer even need to tap in to the extra power of a house PA system. In live situations, the T30II is also excellent to double as a stage monitor for guitar and vocals.


Product Specifications:

Ibanez Troubadour 30 T30II Acoustic Guitar Amp Specifications
Output: 30W at 8O
Speaker: 8 inch Coaxial Speaker (with Tweeter)
Instrument Channel: Bass, Treble, Volume
Microphone Channel: Bass, Treble, Volume
FXs: Instrument Chorus Speed with On/Off Switch, Instrument Reverb and Microphone Reverb with On/Off Switch,
Master: Volume
i/o’s: 1/4 inch Instrument Input, XLR Microphone Input, Aux Input, Line Out
Cabinet: Closed Back