Cask Music

Cask Music Holiday Guitar Accessory Combo Pack

$65 $89

Everything your guitar-playing loved one needs to give their instrument a refresh, and keep it in tip-top playing condition.

Comes nicely packaged in a small box to slip under the tree, or cram into a stocking.

Includes the following items:

  • D'Addario Eclipse Clip-on Tuner
  • Dunlop Guitar Spray Polish
  • Dunlop Microfibre Polishing Cloth
  • Dunlop Capo
  • D'Addario Set of Strings (Acoustic or Electric)
  • String Winder
  • Keychain Bridge Pin Puller 
  • Leslieville Enamel Pin
  • Cask Music Picks + Pick Holder
  • Cask Music Stickers

An $89 Value!

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