Blackout Effectors Crystal Dagger

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The Blackout Effectors Crystal Dagger is a dual purpose pedal with a screaming gnarly octave up fuzz on the left, and a weird modulating ring-mod-style circuit on the left. Unique tones, adds character to loud parts and quiet parts. Mint with box.


Manufacturer Info:

The CRYSTAL DAGGER; resonantly rising like a modern Fortress of Solitude from beneath the icy depths of normalcy, to reanimate sad, listless guitars all around the world. The CRYSTAL DAGGER is a dual harmonic device comprised of independent circuits; a scorching octave-up fuzz and a unique conglomeration of ring modulation, unpredictable octaving, and phasing. The circuits are both true-bypass footswitchable and run in series, from input to (OCT)FUZZ circuit to (MOD)RING circuit to output. Did we mention that it’s all analog?